Lady of the River is a fine art event design, product styling, and photography studio located in Los Angeles, CA.

Photo by Tyler Branch

Photo by Tyler Branch


Hi, I’m Bailey! I grew up in a small town in Indiana nicknamed the city of three rivers. I’m a multidisciplinary artist and I’m realllly passionate about bridging the gap between fine art and the commercial world. 


We are an event design, product styling, and photography business. Our goal is to create one of a kind art works for your event or shoot that sets it apart from the rest. (Don’t ya want something that no one else has done so your event is personalized to you?!.. same.) We work with a variety of material, color, and textiles to tell your story. Let’s chat, get to know who you are, your brand, or your love story (our favorite part), so we can design something that you’ll cherish forever. Whether it’s a birthday bash, your wedding day, or your brand's new campaign we’d love to design it for you. Contact us for pricing and availability. 


Client List:

Barilla Restaurants


Designer Shoe Warehouse

Hayden Girls

JACY Watches


Santa Monica Place

V Magic